Solar Roof

Solar Panel Installation

The sun is one of the most powerful sources of energy. The energy the sun provides in just one hour is sufficient enough to cater for all of the planets energy needs for a period of over a year. What makes solar energy even better is the fact that it is a clean source of renewable energy. It would therefore be a great idea to tap into this energy and use it in your home. Besides saving you on cash, solar energy is ecofriendly and helps in the preservation of the environment.

Lower your electric bill


Solar tiles hidden on your roof power your home with clean, renewable energy.

Increase the value of your home


Four distinct styles to complement your home.

Reduce your carbon footprint


Lower cost than a traditional roof when combined with projected utility bill savings.

You can use your roof to capture this energy and put it to use around your home. Through the use of rooftop solar tiles, capturing this abundant source of energy is pretty easy. The tiles capture the sunlight which it effectively transforms into electrical energy. The electricity is then stored in a powerwall battery so that you can get a flawless supply of electricity.

Power from above, beauty from the street

Solar tiles integrated into the roof are invisible when viewed from the street, yet are fully exposed to the sun from above.

From the street

From the street

The cells are not visible to the eye.

From above

From above

Cells are exposed to the sun.

The solar tiles are hidden on your roof and they will provide you with a constant supply of clean and renewable energy. The tiles come in a variety of styles and designs to enhance the visual allure of your home. Installation costs are relatively lower as compared to traditional roofs.

Anatomy of the Solar Roof

Solar Roof Anatomy

Color louver film

Allows cells to blend into the roof while exposing them to the sun above.

High efficiency solar cell

Produces energy even during high temperature days.

Tempered glass

Extremely durable and impact resistant.

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