Frequently Asked Questions

Long Lasting

Re-roofing after 12-15 years can be challenging and pretty expensive. Our roofs are durable and come with a transferable lifetime guarantee. As time goes by, our roofs will prove to be an investment that pays for itself.


With Elegant colors and stylish designs, FourSeasonsBuilders roofs are visually attractive and they blend amazingly with the neighborhood. They are stunning on your home, regardless of its type.


With our roofs, you need not worry about storms or hurricanes. They are engineered to endure winds of up to 150mph. They will effectively withstand driving rains, hail and almost everything that tries to carry it away.


Typically, FourSeasonsBuilders roofs do not rot, crack, break, peel, chip, curl, streak or perforate. The roof has earned its place among the toughest in the industry.


Using the modern technology, FourSeasonsBuilders roofs have been made much more energy efficient. These techniques allow them to reduce energy costs, cool attics and help save you money.


Techniques that are energy efficient are ideal for conservation of the environment. They do this by minimizing the power consumption. Besides its energy efficient properties, our roofs preserve the environment given its long life that helps in keeping roof debris from the landfills.

Home Value

To raise the value of your home, you need a great roof. Our roofing solutions are permanent, energy efficient and offer a lifetime guarantee. This boosts the market value of the home and enhances its desirability.

Fire – Lightning

FourSeasonsBuilders roofs keep you safe from lightning as they do not attract them. They are also class A fire rated thus providing utmost protection for you and the rest of the household.


To an extent, the premiums that you pay for your home are affected by the roof. Strong and durable roofs such as the ones we offer are sure to reduce your premiums considerably.


For the peace and quiet of your home, you need a roof that will keep off the noise. Regardless of the FourSeasonsBuilders roofs you choose, it will certainly protect you from noise. There is also no noise difference between the range of the roofs.

In need of a permanent roof but are unable to get metal?

Get outstanding roofing repair at just the same cost as shingles.