Payment by Insurance Company

Cash & Checks always accepted alongside Major Credit Cards.


On your homeowner’s policy, damages that result from hail, wind and storm are considered an insurance loss.

A majority of insurance companies cater for the entire cost minus the deductible for the replacement of the roof in case it is damaged. Being a natural disaster, the above elements will not affect or raise your future rates.

Four Seasons Builders specializes in replacement and repair of damages that result from extreme weather conditions and accidents. These basically include exterior roofing, siding, gutters, windows, ceiling texture, interior painting, flooring as well as carpet cleaning.

We assist clients sort out matters with their insurance companies and if requested, can meet with the insurance adjuster.

Our part in the process helps protect you from owning a settlement that doesn’t cover your costs or one that will deny a claim.

We accept your insurance company’s payment for the claim, deductibles included, to guarantee the finest quality repair and replacement.

With the best trained employees, our company is the most credentialed roofing contractor around the Mid-South.

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